Uses Of Statistics In Our Day to Day Life

The majority of students think that why they are studying statistics and what are the uses of statistics in our daily life.

They want to know the importance of statistics in our daily life.

They also have a concern about what is the job scope of statistics. But first, we need to clear the information about what is statistics.

There are millions of definitions of statistics. But we would like to give a short and simple definition of statistics.

It will help you to get an idea about what are the uses of statistics in daily life. Statistics is a set of equations that allows us to solve complex problems.

These statistical problems in real life are usually based on facts and figures. Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher, is known as the father of the modern science of statistics.

To understand what is statistics better; let’s have a look at the example below:-

In this pandemic time of covid-19, statistics is used widely. If we need to determine the number of people who got vaccinated and who are left, we use statistics to obtain this data.

While doing the survey, the surveyors collect data from people to people and then convert this data into useful form with the help of statistical calculations.

So, determining the number of vaccinated people and the people who are left can be found by statistics in various regions and countries.

Around 30 crore people got vaccination against covid-19 till July 2021- according to statistics

Let’s Dig into the data about what are the statistical problems in real life.

What are Statistical Problems?

The statistical problems in real life consist of sampling, inferential statistics, probability, estimating, enabling a team to develop effective projects in a problem-solving frame.

For instance, car manufacturers looking to paint the cars might include a wide range of people that include supervisors, painters, paint representatives, or the same professionals to collect the data, which is necessary for the whole process and make it successful.

Statistical problems contain four components-

  • Put up the Question
  • Collect the data and facts by-polls, studies, and reviews, etc.
  • Analyze the data with different statistical techniques.
  • Please find out the result and transmit it to the public.

The current situation of covid-19 is the best example of statistical problems where we need to determine-

  • Corona positive cases.
  • Recovered people after treatment.
  • The number of people who recovered at home.
  • People who got vaccinated or not.
  • Which vaccinations are best?
  • The number of dead people in each village, city, state, and country.
  • Side effects of various vaccines.

What are uses of statistics?

Statistics is used in every aspect of life, such as in data science, robotics, business, sports, weather forecasting, and much more.

Apart from this, there are various other fields where statistics concepts are applied like running, calculating the budget, calories count, and much more.

Additionally, statistics help in learning mathematical concepts better.

This is how statistics can be used in each aspect of real life.

What is the use of statistics in real life?

Statistics is used for the graphical representation of the collected data. Statistics can compare information through median, mean, and mode.

Therefore, statistics concepts can easily be applied to real life, such as for calculating the time to get ready for office, how much money is required to visit work in a month, gymming diet count of a weak, in education, and much more.

Besides this, statistics can be utilized for managing daily routines so that you can work efficiently.

What are the main functions of statistics?

Several functions of statistics can be used in precision to each fact, comparing the values, testing hypotheses, weather forecasting, and much more.

Statistics can help in improving the reasoning skills that are necessary to calculate uncertainty.

To solve all these kinds of problems, students can use the functions of statistics.

Besides this, the function of statistics is used for representing the facts in a definite form.

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