Full Stack Web Development

Learn Full Stack development from backend using Django framework to front end HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What you'll learn

  • Python
  • Fundamental building blocks of Django Application
  • Implementation of Authorization and Authentication
  • Frontend HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Understanding of Jinja template
  • Integration with Database
  • Deployment of Django Application into Production

Course Curriculum

Python Basics
  • Python Introduction, Installation and Setup
  • Python Basics & Conditionals
  • Conditionals & Loops
  • Working with Loops
  • Working with Strings & Lists
  • List manipulation
  • Tuple, Set & Dictionary
  • Working with Functions
  • Functions, Generators & File Handling
  • Logging and debugging
  • Modules and Exception
Introduction to Django
  • Overview
  • Installation of Python Interpreter
  • Installation of IDE (Pycharm or vscode)
  • Django project app structure
  • Creating sample Django project
  • Starting Django App in development server
  • Understanding of Model View Template
  • Understanding of HTTP
  • Request processing
  • Understanding of URL mapping
  • Writing a view and mapping with URL
  • Understanding Django Settings
  • Configuring HTML templates
Rendering a template
  • template with render function
  • Rendering variable in template
  • Using if else in template
  • using for loop in template
Django Model
  • Database Setup
  • Creating models
  • Activationg models
  • interacting with the API
  • Overview of Django Admin
  • Creating an admin user
  • Explore admin functionality
Django View
  • Overview
  • Defining View
  • Rendering template using view
  • Raising 404 error
  • Use template
  • Dynamic URL in template
  • Namespacing in URL
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Course Instructor
Vijaya Mekala

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